Recommending a friends blog to my readers!

So I think I might have mentioned this before a couple of weeks ago but I thought I’d do a post where I would recommend my friend Sams blog. Sam has been a very good friend of mine since 2013. She is 27 years old and totally blind like I am. She also struggles with mental illness, mainly ptsd, depression and self injury. Right now she lives in an intermediate care facility in IL but she’s trying to get out of there at present. Her blog is really good, it deals with the mental illnesses I mentioned, disability, her daily life in the facility she lives in, she also does book reviews, and other types of reviews. I highly recommend it its well worth a read and a follow! She is very supportive of those of us who are did. I know she’s looking to grow her readership so please do pop over to her blog and follow like or comment on her posts. I know she’d really appreciate it!
her blog is

thanks guys!

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