Tattoos anyone?

Do you have any tattoos? Do you like them? Would you like one if you dont have any? If you do have some what do you have?
I’ve always wanted to get a butterfly. Ever since our teen years I’ve wanted that. Either a butterfly or a dolphine, those were my choices. I think though a butterfly represents more of me. And what I stand for and am about.
I think it would be so painful though so that is why I’ve not gone and done it yet. Plus I dont really like the idea of skin sagging when I get old. And what if I go and then half way through I cant take the pain and its too late to stop? So many questions.
Tell me about your tattoos, do you have any that represent your illness, or healing from it?

30 thoughts on “Tattoos anyone?”

  1. i have a purple, green, pink and yellow butterfly on my left shoulder on my back. it hurt, and it took a couple of hours. i disociated so i couldn’t talk during it, but i could see it getting done. but i’m glad i did it, and would do the same again.

      1. when your ready, do it. oh, and try to develop/design the image you want, y’know, how it should look, so you get something you want.

    1. Well how pretty, I bet that’s lovely, I think the shoulder would hurt or your back even would hurt as well, I was thinking of getting the butterfly on my shoulder to but it was turning me off the pain I mean

      1. Yep! Me too. I picked a butterfly because I got it during a time in my life when a lot was changing. The butterfly represents a transformation that I felt I was experiencing. A fun secondary reason I got the tattoo is because it was the LAST thing any of my friends or family would have expected me to do. Their reactions were priceless and the whole thing still makes me smile.

  2. i’ve always wanted one. either a butterfly (like you), or an angel.

    both i’ve loved for a very long time. butterflies because they are beautiful creatures, and angels because of the show touched by an angel, and mainly monica who i think is so sweet.

    but i don’t think i could take the pain either.

    not very good with pain

  3. I have dozens of tattoos and they all represent different things to me or commemorate family/friends who have passed away. The pain of having them done feels similar to a continuous thorn scratch and as I’ve got older (i’m now 40) I’ve never regretted a single one.

  4. I have one very simple tattoo: the word “love.” It’s helped through some of my darkest times. It’s a reminder to choose whatever course of action would be an act of love, a reminder that I am loved and lovable. I got it in one of the more painful places to get a tattoo, but it took less than 5 minutes – and it was so, so worth it. I have an idea for a second tattoo and will probably collect a few very meaningful ones over the course of my lifetime.

  5. Also, my husband told me about when he got his tattoo. When the pain got to be too much, his artist let him take a break. I think it’s also standard practice to have tattoos take multiple seasons, whether they’re too big for one session or (as in his case) the outline needs to heal before shading can occur. A good tattoo artist will probably be very experienced in helping customers address concerns about pain, especially if you talk to them about it beforehand.

  6. I have a bird swooping on my wrist carrying a small banner that says hope. I have another on my other wrist of Lyrics from an Adele song. These are the two that represent healing for me. In my experience, the one on my wrist did not hurt. It wasn’t pleasurable, but it wasn’t excruciating pain. I also have one on my foot-that hurt. I would never do it again on my other foot. I can’t wait to get more, though! And as for the skin sagging… I’ve seen old people with tattoos that still look incredible. Your skin is going to sag whether you have a tattoo or not.. May as well be colorful and sagging 😉

    1. lol yes! colorful and sagging, I agree! Your tattoos sound nice. I love adelle. And the one that has hope written on it sounds cool. Thanks for sharing about them! XX

  7. I have four tattoos–a wrap around my wrist in Elvish, another word in Elvish on my other wrist, a good-sized one above my ankle (Tolkie’s writer’s symbol + a quote), and a feather + quote on the inner part of my bicep.

    I love them all. All of them hurt, with the one on my inner arm being the worst.

    The one on the arm may sag or look weird (esp. if I ever lose weight, although that part of my arm isn’t really flabby now), but the others should be fine.

    I’d recommend starting small, something about the size of a half-dollar and not too intricate that won’t take 10-15 minutes. My thinking at the time was that wasn’t a crazy long time if the pain is too rough for me. And if you start small, you can always plan to add on later if it’s not too much pain-wise (if your design works for that anyway).

    1. starting small sounds good to me! My aunt has a feather tattoo. I bet the one with the quote hurt a lot because there were so many words. Losing weight is what I’d be afraid of too when it comes to the tattoo sagging. X

      1. The words weren’t so bad as the feather, which has sooo many lines and is very intricate. But it looks fantastic so it was totally worth it! 😄

  8. I got a Japanese symbol (kanje) tattoo when I was 20 years old, me with 3 other girls. We were all in the U.S. Navy in school stationed in Tennessee, had margaritas and decided to get them. I chose it- it means ‘To Live For Today.’ It’s about 2 or 3 inches on my ankle, blue outlined in black. That was in 1995 or ’96, and I still like it now. I like it’s meaning. It’s not faded or changed one bit.

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