Therapy this week finding a sense of self

This week therapy was tough. We talked about me not having a sense of self. Because I feel I dont. I always worry about everyone else inside, how they are, what they need, what they like dont like, and I neglect what I want, like and dont like, need etc. So we talked for a while about my sense of self. And then Eileen had me think about it a little bit. And I couldnt really do it. I was struggling with that. She told me to think about the core of my being, and I kept feeling child like. She said that that was probably another part, and she asked me if it was ok if that part stepped back and gave me space to work with this. So I tried again. Then all of a sudden it hit me. A sense of knowing, a sense of feeling authoratitive, like I could accomplish things, Eileen said it was a sense of “I can look after myself, I know what I need, etc”. She said this was my sense of self. Someone who is able to take care of things and of us. We worked with the pulsers then. She had me tell her how I was feeling in my body, and how I was experiencing this. That part was hard. But I did it. When we finished I felt very happy and like I knew myself a little bit better. It felt good.
Carol anne

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