allie’s thoughts on fathers day

its fathers day and im sad. it triggers me. i remember a lot of abuse on that day for lots of years. not from our bio dad. but from the people in dublin. in the cult. its so scary and i dont think i like today. i just want today to be over. all of our family are celebrating it and we are trying to as well. im not being out a lot because i dont like the reminders of my past. im just trying to stay inside, safe, and away from all the triggers.
allie age 9

4 thoughts on “allie’s thoughts on fathers day”

  1. Hi, Allie. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad today. Maybe it’s partly because today is a big cult ritual day, summer solstice. That’s always hard for us. I hope you feel better soon. Staying safe inside is a good thing if you have a safe place inside. Tracy

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