I think eileen is mad at me

so you know i wrote the other day that eileen and me did not get to talk this week during our therapy time. and i was mad about it. and i want to tell her that i am mad when we go to therapy later today. but now im kinda scared. i think she’s mad at me. i texted her a picture of our new curly hair. and i asked her if she liked it. and she didnt reply to that. i know she doesnt always reply to stuff like emails and texts. but i thought she might reply to just this one and say it was pretty or it looked good on us. but she didnt. it makes me sad. i dont want her to be mad at me! maybe she’s mad because i wrote her an email and i said that she shouldnt have broke her promise to me. and i said some other stuff that probably wasnt so nice to say. now im not sure what to do. whether i should just stay mad and say what i need to say to her or whether i should not come out until carol anne has had some ttime first to talk to her. i think therapists are so complicated. and i wish they werent.
alicia 9

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