Everyone should have a doctor Barry!

So I’ve been thinking. About how lucky I am to have Dr Barry. About how she will bend over backwards for me, and not just me, but all of her patients. There arent many psychiatrists like her. Of course it helps that she’s young, and keeps up to date with training and such. But I think anyone who has her as a psychiatrist should feel blessed. And any psychiatry student who she mentors should also feel blessed. Its not every day you meet someone so passionate about their job. And she really is passionate about it. Over the years I’ve had my fare share of psychiatrists. I’ve had both males and females. I can honestly say none of them were as good as Dr Barry. She’s one in a million. My previous two psychiatrists were female, I had one for only 2 months, and I hated her. She did not get our did, she refused to deal with the insiders, she was just not good at her job. Yet now if I run into her when I am going to see Dr Barry she makes a point of saying hi to me, so I guess I did make an impact on her. The psychiatrist I had before her I had for 5 years. I found her to be ok, she was fine with the did and she would talk to all of us, but oh my gosh did we have some run ins. Especially her and Liz. Liz even threatened to kill her one time. Of course after Liz did that she never saw us alone again, she always brought a nurse in with her. Even after liz wrote her an apology letter, she still refused to see us by ourselves. We had other run ins with her too, mainly about being hospitalised, and because she did not understand the ritual abuse part of our history. But overall, I liked her. I found her to be approachable and friendly, warm and empathetic. Now she’s gone to work in australia. I also feel very lucky that I always get to see Dr Barry. Of course it says in my diagnostic report that I am to only see the consultant, but if Dr Barry never read that then she wouldnt know that, and I wouldnt get to always see her. Of course being the fabulous doctor that she is, she did read the report thoroughly. I also think its cool the way Dr Barry gives me ample time, and she never rushes me. Thats how it should be with all psychiatrists. No psychiatrist should ever rush a patient. Dr Barry always makes a point of asking me at the end if there is anything else I need to discuss. If I had something, it would be fine for me to say that. I just think that all trainee psychiatrists should be mentored by someone as awesome as Dr Barry. The world of mental health is a better place because she’s in it.

8 thoughts on “Everyone should have a doctor Barry!”

  1. what a glowing evaluation of her! i already know how much you appreciate her, but this was such a great letter. hope you share it with her 🙂

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