Philomena movie review

I just watched an incredible movie. It was called philomena. Its set in Ireland and is about an irish woman named Philomena who becomes pregnant in her mid teens. As a result her father sends her to live with the nuns, and because in the 1950’s ireland was all about the catholic church, she was forced to work in the abbey, and then after she had her baby, he was given up for adoption, and she never saw him again. She didnt tell anyone of her secret for fifty years. Then she tells her daughter and her daughter gets in touch with a journalist who helps her to trace her son. Its an incredible story with many ups and downs. They do find her son eventually after much searching but unfortunately tragedy has struck and he is no longer alive when they trace him. It turns out the family who adopted him also adopted her best friends baby Mary, and both children did not have the greatest childhoods. She finds out her son was a lawyer and worked with both president ragan and president bush. He was also a closet homosexual. He died of aids. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is a tear jerker at times but it also has some happy moments. Philomena is also a book if anyone is interested in reading it.

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