Book review-Switching time

I recently bought the book switching time. Its a book about a woman who has dissociative identity disorder. Its written by her therapist that treated her.
I did not like the book at all. It was way too graphic for my liking. There was just way to much talk about abuse, on more than one occasion the abuse was talked about in a blow by blow account of what happened, with every detail described. I really think there is no need to put that much descriptive stuff about abuse into any book.
Karen, the woman in the book, went into therapy not knowing she had did. Unfortunately I did not finish the book so I cant tell you how it ended. I gave up after 10 chapters. Like I just said, too much graphic detail for my liking. I think though the therapist worked towards integration and eventually all of her alters were integrated.
Just make sure if you do decide to read the book, that your in a strong frame of mind. The book is available in paperback, on kindle, and on audible.

9 thoughts on “Book review-Switching time”

  1. I believe that may be the book I read a sample of on my Kindle awhile ago, and I could not even get all the way through the free sample, because the abuse was too graphic for me. I am writing my memoir and I think that it is a fine line to balance between too much and too little detail. But I believe it is better to have too little detail than too much, when it comes to telling about these evil things. I want my book to be focused on hope and healing, not horror.

    1. Great points Alaina! I was thinking about writing a book. Not sure, but thinking I might at some point. It might be good and theraputic.

    1. Me either. Too many triggers. It then becomes a chore rather than being a pleasant experience to read your book. X

  2. hi there I think you were vary wise to stop reading if it upset you. some times you have to do that other wise you just don’t enjoy what your trying to read.

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