Taking meds

So for my psych meds, I take sertraline and xeplion. I know it doesnt seem like much. And it isnt. But I hate the sertraline. I hate that I need so much of it in order to function like a normal human being. I’m on 100 MG of that per day. Then there is the xeplion, which I take on a monthly basis, as it is an injection. I take 100 MG of that med too. I really dont like antipsychotics or being on one, but I have to admit it does help my psychotic symptoms and agitation. It is probably the only antipsychotic that I havent had serious side effects from. In fact I dont get any side effects. Well ok, I probably have weight gain from it, but I dont get shaking, slurred speech, muscular discomfort, drooling, etc. Which I am delighted about. The trade off of being pretty functional when I take it is a good trade in my opinion. Does anyone else hate their meds, or the fact they have to take meds in order to function properly every day?

4 thoughts on “Taking meds”

  1. I feel so annoyed with myself that I need meds just to function.
    I am also on anti psychotics and hate that when I don’t take them I am much more of a monster than I usually am.

  2. there are times, days, where as i rise in the morning, the first thing i do is take my pills, then again 4 hrs later, then again 2 hrs later, then again 2 hrs later and then again at bedtime, that i look at the pills in my hand and i think to myself…this is my destiny. i will always be tethered to these pills. i will never be ‘healed’. no matter how ‘well’ i get, i will never truly be well, because i will always have to take these pills. they are more of a part of my life than almost any other thing. and no matter how ‘good’ i am doing, i will never be well, healed. i will always need these pills.

    luckily tho, i don’t get those thoughts that often, and when i do, i just resign myself to it as a necessary thing that one must do, like being interrupted to use the toilet, or to eat or sleep, because we must do those things also, even when we wish we could skip them sometimes. but i still know that these lifelines, these pills, are not part of everyone’s life, not something that others are tethered to to survive.

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