my creative writing and a challenge to others also

Yesterday I started a creative writing class. As one of the exercises we were given a story to write, using 3 words, a person, place, and a feeling. My words were
a woman
a cup of coffee

Here is what I came up with as a story using these words…

the coffee shop had just opened. Sarah sat by herself. Her thoughts were all over the place. she felt an intense sadness. However she could not relate the sadness she felt to any one thing. She decided to buy herself a cup of coffee. As she walked up to the cash register, she saw another woman looking at her. The woman smiled at her. Sarah kept her eyes down. She didnt want the woman to see how unhappy she felt inside. As she passed the woman reached out her hand, touched sarahs arm and said hi. Sarah began to cry but hid her tears and quickly ran to the cashier and payed for her cup of coffee. Sitting alone at a table she began to drink it. Her thoughts turned to the recent death she’d had in her family. Her beloved aunt had died recently. She’d been so close to her aunt. They’d sat for hours, talking, watching movies, and just being with each other, they didnt have to speak how they felt, they both had an uncanny way of reading each others feelings. Oh how she missed her aunt. As she sipped the last of her coffee, she decided that she was going to do one kind thing for another person, as her aunt always liked to do kind deeds for others. So sarah decided that today was going to be her day. She would try to be kind to someone, in the hopes that doing a good turn for someone else would bring her happiness, and closeness to her aunt.

We only had five minutes to write this story. Now I challenge you my readers. Write a short piece of about 200 or 300 words using these words
A little girl
New york

Go on, Go for it!

8 thoughts on “my creative writing and a challenge to others also”

  1. I like your story.

    Today I woke up sick with a fever. Can’t think or write. But I will do your writing challenge later when I feel better.

  2. Well, I think we all had a go with creative writing, it gives us a buzz, even if we do nothing else with it. I wrote a few cameos, never got to write the whole story in which to use them. I know I have an Irish one, would be so tempted to post it here, but it might not suit some sensibilities.

    Yes, a good TJ below, and it has it’s place, but like Janet Evanovich and Jilly Cooper, I like to splice, or lace, mine with humour!

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