we are having a better morning this morning

Well, despite having no sleep, and despite feeling crappy during last night, I feel a lot better now. I spent a couple of hours this morning looking around on youtube. I also made some videos of my own to upload to my youtube channel.Then I got dressed and went to the basement club, and I am still here now. I was asked to write an article for the shine monthly newsletter, detailing why I applied to be on the board of management, and my hopes for the future, so I did that. I did it in about 10 minutes. There arent many members here right now, its pretty quiet which is unusual. It was so quiet that I was able to go into the kitchen by myself and make a cup of coffee. Normally if there are a lot of people around I cant do that. Well I could, but I’m always afraid I’ll spill it or bump off of someone coming out so usually I get someone to do it for me. Creative writing class is on at 2 and I am looking forward to that. Not much else to report. I’m glad I’m doing better than I was. I hate when things feel that bad and bleak.
If anyone would like to subscribe to my youtube channel that would be very cool. We’d love it if you did. There are videos about did, our life, some from the alters, some of nitro, just a lot of random videos.

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