9 thoughts on “Question of the day dealing with stress?”

  1. i try to calm myself and think it out. sometimes that works. but sometimes i am too upset for that, and i can’t think it out so then i usually either get mad or sad. usually it is a combination of the two, with mad on the outside and terrible sadness on the inside. when i get to that point, then, i usually listen to loud music (89’s heavy metal) and drink something alcoholic. it makes me feel somehow that i’m in control again, and that’s what helps me finally calm back down again, and re-address the issue more with my brain, or just to move on.

      1. ever since i started lithium, i found out i have a hard time getting drunk…but it feels like i am in control when i drink it, helps me calm down anyway. 🙂

      2. Well that is good! I never get drunk. I drink a lot when I do, but I never get too tipsy. X

  2. I eat (which is not good), or cry (not good either), or complain (not the best thing to do)… I don’t like feeling stressed. I can’t handle it very well 🙂

  3. Ok, this is more interesting. Hope you’re getting these responses!

    Ages ago, from those fair trade shops, you could buy 3rd world artifacts for sometimes outrageous prices, including: singing bowls, Tibetan temple bells, like a small matching pair on a leather thong so you rung them by swinging them against each other; or Monkey Drums. The first too are for calming or relaxing meditation. A Monkey drum, or other loud instrument, is used to vent and disipate the heat of anger. A monkey drum is like a huge lollipop, round wooden stick of a handle, the drum is round and stretched skin both sides, and then a cord on either edge with a heavy knot or bead as beater. You put the handle between your flattened palms and rub vigourously back and fro and it makes a predigious clatter. One can vary the stroke to make percussion patterns too, but the fairly violent exercise and thunderous clammer produced, works wonders on venting anger, so long as you have somewhere to give such animated vent to such disturbing feelings. I have two monkey drums, prefer the larger which makes a satisfying rummble at least and disturb the neighbours if I really work at it. The £5 or £10 are well spent on these otherwise harmless looking ornaments.

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