Feeling flat

Today I feel really bla. Just really unmotivated. Like I cant be bothered to do the things I would normally do, the enthusiasm just isnt there, its really frustrating.
I did go to the monthly book club meeting the NCBI runs, and I did enjoy it. So I guess I am not totally unmotivated. There were only a few of us who turned up for the book club, but we still had a good discussion and I hadnt read last months book, so I enjoyed the discussion of it and I am thinking it may be something that I might read in the future.
I have so many books that I need to read, both on kindle, and on audible, I just dont know how I am ever going to get to them…its so hard to make time for everything I think. I should stop buying books until I’ve read the ones I have first.
I was meant to have therapy today, but I didnt go. I woke up just feeling so moody, and irritated, and just, I didnt want to deal with having to open up in therapy, talk about stuff, and so I canceled.
I’m supposed to see my psychiatrist Dr. Barry tomorrow, but I am canceling the appointment too. I have a workshop that I need to attend on self advocacy, and I dont want to miss that. I will see Dr. Barry next week, so not going for one week wont make any difference really.

3 thoughts on “Feeling flat”

  1. I can so identify! I feel flat some days, and I feel overwhelmed. I feel like I have this many podcasts, so many books to get to, then with working, how do I make time for everything? it’s exhausting!

    1. Yes I totally hear you! I have lots of podcasts waiting for me to listen to but I havent been able to get to them yet! Sigh. Same with books, and right now I’m trying to convert my dvds into mp3s too!

      1. Yep exactly. I want time for playing piano, watching some shows I like too, and I want to learn audacity and get into audio editing, but man, it’s overwhelming!

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