Nutritionist update

Pretty nervous right now cuz have to see Karen our nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. she’s real nice and I like her a lot and I know I shouldnt be nervous. I always get nervous though in case I dont or wont reach my targets. I’m redoing the weight loss programme over again. I started last week. Its a six week programme but I think you can do it as many times as you need to. This is my second time doing it. The first time I didnt get to losing much weight, there was so much other stuff going on that I kept slipping, and not reaching my targets. So last week I did reach my target, I lost a pound. I’m hoping to at least lose another pound this week. We put down to lose 1 pound as a goal. If I lose any more I’ll be stoked but one pound will be good too. I also put down to drink more water, and strengthen my muscles. Exercise is a real problem for me, trying to motivate myself to do it and keep doing it is an issue. I’ve tried numerous things such as setting an alarm, doing it at a certain time of day, etc but so far nothings worked. Even this week I didnt do nearly as much exercise as I’d wanted to do. I did good with food intake though so I’m hopeful that it will be enough and I’ll have lost the weight. I do realise though that you dont get as much result unless you exercise. My reward for reaching goals is buying a new book, I think I wont reward myself this week. I think I’ll wait until next week and until I can complete a full week of exercise. I was tempted to binge and purge a few times this week when emotions were really intense and overwhelming but I didnt, so that is a good thing, right? It means I’m learning to deal successfully with emotions and not turn to unhealthy coping strategies.
Carol anne

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