Emotional spillage

everything is going downhill. i had a good evening with my mom and aunt. but now in the solitude of the bedroom i am crying. i am aching. i am having severe flashbacks. emotional overload. i miss my gramma so much. last week was her anniversary. she was 21 years dead. i couldnt acknowledge it last week. but now? Now its really really starting to sink in and hurt. i was so close to my gramma. every weekend during the time when the abuse was going on, i’d see her and we’d talk, not about the abuse, but talking to her, watching movies with her, it took my mind off of the horrific stuff going on daily during the week. then she got cancer and died. i still miss her every day. tonight especially. my aunt was talking earlier about a photo she put up on facebook. it was taken on the day i made my confirmation. she put the photo up on the day of my grammas anniversary last week. and tonight she was saying how none of her grandkids who are all on facebook liked it. that hurt me. i would have liked it but i never came across it. sometimes im not on there a lot and i miss some stuff that people put up. my aunt said she was shocked that all the grandkids would not like the photo. it hurts to think she thinks i dont care about my gramma because i certainly do care. i guess everything just hurts right now and its night time and i just really miss my gramma a lot right now. i’ll probably be ok tomorrow.
Carol anne

carol anne

12 thoughts on “Emotional spillage”

  1. Hang in there. I know what it’s like to miss a loved one like that, I lost my mom nearly 11 yrs. ago. I know it hurts like hell sometimes but just hold on. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

  2. Missing someone you love is so hard. You really want them to come back and be with you but you know they can’t and then missing them hurts even more. It’s so hard when someone gets upset that you didn’t like a post on Facebook but a lot of times Facebook picks and chooses what you actually are able to see. Sending you support in whatever way you need.

  3. My dad who’s no longer here had a birthday yesterday. You think the pain is over and then you can’t help but remember others you’ve lost and it becomes one big mucky mess. I’m sorry you are feeling so bad.

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