Yesterday I got very emotional during therapy. I’d had a pretty overwhelming few days. Everything was built up. It simply had to come out.
Eileen: How are you feeling inside right now?
Me: I feel like I’m climbing a mountain, a huge mountain. And its swallowing me up. The torain is rough and jagged. There are huge gaping holes, and I think I’m going to fall into one if I’m not careful!
Eileen: Coming over and sitting next to me and grabbing my hand. “Can I go up the mountain with you?
Me: Yes, ok.
eileen: Holding me tighter and squeezing my hand reassuringly…you wont fall in a hole. I promise. I am holding you. I’ve got you.
Me…crying…will you catch me if I fall?
Eileen: Of course I’d catch you, its ok, you arent going to fall, we’ll do this a little at a time…slowly…in little manageable pieces. I wont let things get too much for you.
After a few more minutes talking about the built up emotions and the overwhelm of last weekend, Eileen did a guided imagery thing with me, where we stepped away from the part of the mountain we were on, went to a lake, sat, ate a picnic, and then walked hand in hand off the mountain…together. From a distance it wasnt so overwhelming anymore.

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