Further to my last post about our dads brother…

I thought I’d give you all an update on how our uncle, our dads brother is doing. Its a week today since he was found seizing and was brought to hospital. He’s still in the ICU and he’s still unconscious. Every so often he kinda opens his eyes but for the most part he remains unresponsive. He’s had CT scans and EEG’S on his brain, and they’ve shown that he’s still getting tons of seizures. They’ve started him on meds to try to stop the seizures. His left hand side of his body is still dead. He might be having an MRI but the doctors said its a last resort because of all the tubes and wires and things that are on him. Today they said they think his brain is swollen, but again, they cant be sure. On Saturday his stomach swelled up and when they did an ultrasound it showed his bowel was all twisted so he had to have a proceedure to fix that and thank goodness that worked. They were feeding him through a drip but they’ve stopped doing that for a few days to see if that will help. He’s off the ventolator for the most part but sometimes they give him oxygen or put him on ventolation for a few minutes to help him along. He’s on antibiotics for a chest infection from aspirating vomit and the antibiotics are clearing up his infection. So those are the updates that I have for now. I think its going to be a very long road for everyone whose involed in his care and also for him too.

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