Dads brother is ill, please pray for him if you pray, and thanks guys

So yesterday our dads brother was taken ill. He was found at around noon by a carer in the complex where he lives. He’s 64. He was found in his bedroom covered in blood and vomit and convulsing and an ambulance was called. When the ambulance got there they had to resussitate him and then they took him to the hospital. He has not regained consciousness since they resussitated him. They are treating the seizures as alcohol withdrawal seizures, but now they think he may have had a stroke also as the left hand side of his body is completely dead. Every time the doctors were trying to get a response from him today they couldnt. He has had CT scans and brain scans and all sorts of tests today. He’d been breathing on his own last night and earlier today but now he’s on a ventolator and in a medically induced coma. They’re also giving him medication to treat the seizures. They’ve said they think he’s having tons of seizures going on in his brain. . the doctor said its serious, he’ll either regain consciousness or he wont. If he does we dont know what type of damage will be done to his brain as we dont know how long he was there before he was found. Its a tough time for our family. Our dad whose his brother is really agitated and angry and not coping at all well. We’re trying to support him as best as we can. If any of you pray please do that for us. Thanks.
Carol Anne

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