Our big sleep issue

Sleep has become a huge issue again for us lately. I try to do a sleep hygiene routine at night. I go to bed between 11 30 and midnight. On weekends and on weekdays where I don’t have too much to do, I read for a while. I try to wind down before bed. I don’t drink coffee at all after 8. I sometimes listen to the relaxation letting go of stress cd that Eileen gave me. But nothing helps. Eventually I do fall asleep but then I wake sporadically throughout the night. And when I wake I usually get up because if I stay in bed, I start to panick. I also have nightmares which aren’t helping matters. Trauma nightmares are the worst. They make you feel just awful. Of course no nightmare is ever fun, but when they involve memories of abuse and trauma its doubly scary. I really don’t want to have to go back on sleeping pills again. Dr Barry gave us some a few weeks ago, a five day supply. That helped but it was only short term. But now all the problems are resurfacing again. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you do anything to help you to sleep?

Carol anne

8 thoughts on “Our big sleep issue”

  1. not sure if its helpfull but we let young ones sleep in the body and we sleep like a baby then somewhat. also writing notes works for us at times unless everyone gets really lucid in talking. then its harder. difficult to negotiate with kids. it works partially still having nightmares going on. another thing coming to mind is trying to send an message through the system. asking others to take care of trauma. its something to work on for us as sudden telling sleep may be interpretated in ours as “silencing” perhaps. just something to work on i guess. gatekeeper agrees.

    1. hi…and, thanks. We’ll try to work more on it. We’ll talk to eileen and Dr Barry. Didnt think about letting the kids go to sleep. So then we sleep like a baby. Thats something to think about. XX

  2. my big sleep helper is seroquel. i used to sleep very lightly, the slightest sound would wake me up. i was always just barely asleep enough that it was close to being awake. plus i never ever felt tired. i always felt wide awake, wired. so it was hard to get slow enough to fall asleep in the first place.

    anyhow, seroquel works on anxiety, mania, psychosis and depression. so, it slows my mind down so i actually get tired, and i fall asleep fast and sleep deep. plus i get the anxiety and mania help during the day, too. so i am not so wired and frazzled during the day either.

    but i do have a sleep hygiene too, i take my meds at midnight, get in bed by 2am, no tv or anything once i lay down. if i change it, i have harder time getting into bed and falling asleep.

    good luck–not sleeping is no fun.

      1. oh! so sorry about the seroquel option. maybe trazodone or remeron or a true sleeper pill? they have store sleeping pills too, like unisom or tylenol pm. hope you get sleep somehow.

  3. We don’t respond well to actual sleep medications, so we take blood pressure medications (propranolol and prazosin) for sleep. It keeps your body from having that anxious, panicky response and helps prevent nightmares without causing drowsiness and grogginess. Maybe something like that would help?

    1. prazosin isnt available here in Ireland. I dont think its been approved. I’ll ask Dr Barry. Im sure she can suggest something. XX

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