Saturday wasn’t great.  It wasn’t bad but it was just average.  I had been at our parents house.  I had stayed on Friday and my plan was to stay until Monday.  Then this morning I heard on the radio that the weather was supposed to get really bad with temps of minus five C tonight so I decided I’d go home and turn on my heat, so the house wouldn’t flood.  Mom decided this morning that we’d go to my house, drop Nitro off there, do a few bits around the house and then after we finished go visit our granddad.  We got a taxi to my house and did what we had to do.  I went to use my desktop when my mom was doing the laundry and I accidentally hit mute for my speech synthesizer so now it wont work.  We tried to fix it but my moms not very good at computers so she wasn’t sure what to do. Its ok though my lil sister will fix it probably tomorrow or if not then during the week.  After all that we decided to walk from my house to our granddads.  I’ve been really trying to get into walking, I walked yesterday for 30 minutes, and todays walk to our granddads was about 30 minutes too.  It nearly killed me though!  By the time I was done my back was killing me.  When we got to our granddads he was up, sitting and watching tv.  We bought lunch and ate it and just chatted with our granddad for a while.  I think we stayed about 2 hours in total.  Then I dropped mom home and went home myself.  Didnt do much for the rest of the evening, just chilled out in front of the tv.  Am starting a new book tomorrow called another forgotten child by Cathy glass.  Cant wait to start it as I love all of her books.

Carol anne

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