High anxiety

Im having a lot of anxiety this morning. I purposefully got out of the house. I went to the basement club. But I’m not sure I did the right thing. I am not really enjoying the noise levels here, and being around people. Its really overwhelming me. Plus Nitro is acting up this morning. I think he’s picking up on my stress levels. They say dogs do that. I know he gets easily stressed out. When he’s stressed he shakes a lot and that is how I know he’s stressed. I hope the anxiety isnt gonna keep up all weekend. The lyrica is helping somewhat I guess but I am not sure if its helping much as I’ve only taken it for 3 days. And I missed last nights dose because I fell asleep early. I think though I’ll stay here for a while and see how things go. I suppose its good to be around people when I am feeling like this.
Carol anne

3 thoughts on “High anxiety”

  1. I hope things went better after you had been at the basement club a while. I’m glad you weren’t alone with your anxiety in a way but I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by noise levels. I have that problem all the time and it really interferes with my getting out with people and so most of the time I just stay home unless I’m going to work or church or something and when I have to the grocery store or drugstore. I need to go to WalMart for some stuff and I keep putting it off. I’ve been putting off going to the grocery store too. It’s always so crowded and I get really anxious but that’s the store the person who usually goes shopping wants to go to because it’s on the way home from church and near my house. I’m grateful that she goes with me since we can take more bags in her car than I could if I went on paratransit and had a store employee go around with me and help me shop. But I need to go Sunday since I’ll be out of milk and nearly out of cereal and other things. Anyway I hope your anxiety lets up. I know it’s no fun. Laura Lyn

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