30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 9

Day Nine: What level of co-consciousness do you have? How do you feel your communication skills are within the system? How do you want to grow in those skills?
We have a varied level of coconsciousness. Some of our system members have almost perfect coconsciousness, while others dont have barely any. It really depends on who your talking to in the system. Some system members will be able to tell you about our day to day life, and about the things we do daily, but others wont. In therapy we’re working on inner communication and inner cooperation. Its hard to get the cooperation going but when it happens its lovely. I hope to keep working on these aspects and eventually I would hope our communication would be much better than it is now. It would certainly be nice if we were all on the same page…

4 thoughts on “30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 9”

    1. Hi…thanks for your note. I hope you reach your goal of inner communication. Its not an easy one to reach but it is doable. XX

  1. Hi Carol Anne,

    I’m enjoying this series you are doing.

    My girls have been working on inner communication for about 6 years now and it’s not a linear process. Each time someone new joins the outside, it throws the dynamics out of whack and we have to restart the process. But I do think our restart points are always further down the road. And if we start focusing healing on one person or area, that can throw things out of whack too. It seems to be really hard for the girls to consistently maintain higher levels of communication, but I try not to focus on the smaller ups and downs but on the overall upward trajectory.

    I agree with you that it’s lovely when I see all 7 girls working together well. Those are the days that give me hope that some day we may get completely thru this.


    1. Hi Sam, thank you. I’m glad your enjoying the series! With you helping them, I’m sure the girls will come a long way. xx

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