30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 8

Day Eight: How did you first discover you were plural? Was it before, after, or during diagnosis?
We discovered we were plural early on. When we were 18 we got into therapy. Our then therapist realised pretty quickly that something was up, since we were losing time, dissociating, and then a child part came out in session one day. When she realised we might be multiple, she got us in with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist assessed us and then decided that yes we were multiple. That was in 2001. It was unofficial as that psychiatrist was not an expert in did and trauma or dissociation in general. In 2010 we had the opportunity to have some did experts come over from the Uk and test us and formerly diagnose us. So in 2010 we were formerly diagnosed with did. The tests were long and very intense. We had the structured clinical interview for dissociative disorders done. A lot of things fell into place for us once this interview was done. We were then able to work more on inner communication once this test was completed. Before that we werent really doing a lot of internal work in therapy. After diagnosis we started with Eileen who is our current therapist and since we started with her we’ve made huge progress.

3 thoughts on “30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 8”

  1. I’m glad that you are stabilizing, Carol Anne. Keep up the good work! I am proud of you for all the hard work! Jessie

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