Dr Barry and a new med for us

Just saw Dr Barry. Talked to her about the worry we had over Eileen being out sick. Told her we’ve been feeling an awful lot of anxiety over the past couple of weeks. Since xmas really. It all started with the winter solstace and escalated from there. Now its at heightened proportions. Its actually getting to be quite out of hand. I told her between that and our overwhelming emotional struggle its been a tough couple of weeks. She decided to give us a new medication for anxiety. So now we will be starting lyrica at a dose of 50 mg twice a day. Dr Barry said to take it for a while and see how we go with it. I was worried about starting a new anxiety medication because of the side effects it might have on us. Dr barry said that lyrica has been used for about the last 4 years for anxiety disorder, before that it was an antiepileptic med and it still is. She said to watch out for weight gain and sleepiness because its a sedating med. I put in my prescription when I left and I will collect it on Wednesday. I hope it works out for us. I’m nervous about starting it but I do know its something we need to do to get this anxiety under control. I trust Dr Barry. I know she’ll do right by us. She wouldnt see us suffer and she wants to do everything in her power so that we dont.
Carol anne

11 thoughts on “Dr Barry and a new med for us”

    1. Thanks guys, so many mates nowadays are used for treating so many different things aren’t they? I haven’t started it yet but I will tomorrow and I hope it works

    1. She said it was licensed to treat anxiety disorder about four years ago but she did say it was also used to treat pain and epilepsy, I hope it works for me

    1. I hope it’s helpful to i’m glad it’s not habit-forming I wouldn’t have wanted to take something that was habit-forming that puts my mind at ease a little bit that it isn’t like that

    1. Thanks. That’s good to know. I feel a little sick now. But I only started it today. I hope the nausea eases in time. XX

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