Nutritionist appointment the update

Just got home from seeing Karen our nutritionist. And I must say I’m not a happy camper today. I was weighed and I am up 2 pounds. So not only did I not lose any weight, but I gained 2 pounds which is not good. I do know where the problem is though which is good I guess. I didn’t exercise very much this week, only managing to get up on my treadmill twice and only for 10 minutes each time. I’m determined that this week I’ll do much better. I’m going to try to achieve my goals, which are to exercise for 15 minutes every day, to drink more water, eat breakfast every day, and cut down on my intake of bread. Hopefully I’ll manage to achieve them and do better than I have been doing. Its such a battle this losing weight. We talked today about motivation, and about how I could better motivate myself. We talked about making losing weight more exciting or fun, for example collecting recipes for smoothies, or food I can make that is low fat. Also we talked about doing something rewarding for myself every day if I did good on that given day, for example, reading for half an hour, listening to my favourite music, phoning a friend etc. I said I’d leave the bigger rewards like buying myself something, or doing something like a spa day or having a facial until I actually achieved something, like losing a certain amount of weight etc etc. I almost cried when she said I’d gained 2 pounds. All of my ED thoughts and things came flooding back to me and I was reminded how much I actually do struggle with anything thats related to food. She was nice about it though she didn’t lecture me or say I did really bad. She just said that hopefully next week would be better for me and I’d fulfil my goals. I seriously hope so as I feel right now I’m wasting her time.

Carol anne

14 thoughts on “Nutritionist appointment the update”

  1. Hey 🙂 it sounds like it was hard and upset you to know you’d put on weight. I can understand that. But in also know that you have to know something is a problem before you can change it, and sometimes you have to know that for some time. Wanting to change it isnt the same as changing, but that doesnt mean you cant or wont change. It means that things take time.

    You talk about being on the treadmill and i think that that can be boring sometimes (i have a treadmill and i find it boring!) and i wonder if you have a smart phone?

    If you do, there is a game called zombies run. It is a story that runs episode by episode. All you do is press play and start exercising (you dont have to run!). It tells you a story, and plays you songs if you want it to. Each episode lasts for about half an hour, and you collect supplies to build a base. I know that the base is fully optimised for visually impaired players.

    The story is very human. It’s about you and some other runners, trying to work out what has happened, and trying to fix things. Normally i would have been put off by the name but it’s much nicer than the name (you dont get caught by zombies at all) and because there are lots of stories (20 in the first season, 60 in the next two) you wont get bored!

    It might be interesting to look at (or it might not) but it really helped me go running!

  2. Hey, finding the motivation for set exercise times is hard. I was wondering if perhaps something a bit less ‘obviously exercise’ may help, like walking Nitro? Can someone come with you to give him a good walk multiple times a week? I don’t do any strict exercise but I do walk for about 2-4 hours a day with dogs. It makes a great difference in terms of boosting the metabolism! xx

    1. Well you walk for 2 to 4 hours, you must be really fit I think I’ll have to start off slowly, I’m not at all fit good point maybe i can try to get someone to volunteer to go walking with me xxx

  3. I dont know if this would be helpful, but maybe walking just isn’t for you? I used to run (although i was not healthy about it and didn’t exaxtly find it enjoyable) and now that i can’t run anymore, i had thought walking on the treadmill was my only option, because the treadmill was my main source of exersise.

    Ive found though, that I love swimming, and yoga. Putting on music and dancing for a half hour is fun. Rollerskating is fun. In good weather, playing on the climbing structures at the park with my daughter is fun.

    Maybe you would have an easier time getting 15 minutes of exersise a day if it was something you found to be fun?

    1. You are right it’s all about having fun isn’t it? I start off with Walking and see where that takes me, I’m also thinking about yoga and swimming for fun but it would be exercise to those are great suggestions, thank U so much for them xxx

  4. oh im so sorry that sounds just awful! but i did a weight loss thing a bit ago, metabolic weight loss. anyway, i was supposed to lose several pounds a week, and all i ever did was stay the same or gain. i know exactly how upsetting that is and im sorry you had to go thru it too. but, hang in there, im sure you’ll beat this too.

    1. It is upsetting but I’m trying to stay positive, I’m hoping I can do better next week, what is metabolic weight loss, I never heard of that xxx

      1. metabolic weight loss, as they told it to me, is eating several (5-6) small, protein based meals, more of a snack size. and also, it includes cardio exercise (walking, biking, etc) plus stretching (for flexibility), light weight training (like 5pound dumbbells for 3 sets of 10, etc). you are supposed to lose approximately 5-10 pounds the first week, then a like 1-5 pounds after that.

        this did not work for me, but the stretching exercises are great–i used them when my back flares up, when i have muscle pain, etc. usually works right away. but i was also very filled with fluid when i was doing this program…so, i couldn’t really get rid of all that and i think that is why it didn’t work for me.

        anyway, it is similar to what you are doing, i think. i know if you stick with it, you’ll get your goals.

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