More Dr Barry ramblings about yesterdays appointment

Well, since Alicia wrote about her part of our appointment with Dr Barry yesterday, I thought I’d write about my time with her too.

Mostly my part of our appointment was taken up with talking about the police report and stuff around the investigation that is ongoing. Dr Barry said she’d dictated the report, and given it to her secretary to type up and that she was hoping that it would be complete by our next appointment.

She pretty much told me what she’d put in it, but she said she’d still read it to me when we have our next appointment, and that if when I heard it I felt like leaving stuff out of it that she’d do corrections to it before she sent it to the police.

Basically what she’s written in it is that we don’t have an intellectual disability, which she said took all of one or two sentences. She also wrote a synopsis of our diagnosis, and treatment plan, things like how long we’d been a service user, and how long she’d been our treating consultant etc. She also mentioned that she’d gotten a second opinion last year around our vulnerability and managing our personal safety and even though herself and dr L the person who assessed us for the second opinion, agreed that we were a vulnerable adult, they also agreed that yes we were able to manage our personal safety, that our system did have capacity to do that.

It will be interesting to see when she submits this report what the police will do next. If they’ll be happy with it or not. They should be though, it sounds like she did a good job on it.

Carol anne

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