Therapy phone check in

Yesterday evening we had a phone check in with our therapist Eileen. It was lovely to be able to speak to her. We’ve spoken a few times over the xmas period as we haven’t had a session with her since the fifteenth of December. Its always so nice to be able to check in, hear her voice and stuff. We talked a lot about xmas and how we got through it and how we’re doing. She asked about the kids and if they liked xmas and then she asked if we’re settled and is there anything going on in the system. I told her we’d been pretty settled but then Liz piped up and said “we’ll see how long that lasts” and then Eileen was all over that asking her why she was afraid to be optimistic. That is how Liz is though. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I told Eileen the main hiccup had been before xmas itself, when we had the winter solstice, that is when we were most unsettled. We’ve actually been pretty ok over xmas itself. Thank goodness we’re back to normal next week, back to regular sessions, back to regular Dr Barry appointments and stuff. I feel glad about that.

Carol anne

7 thoughts on “Therapy phone check in”

  1. That is when we were most unsettled this year as well. The solstice. Which is normal..but usually xmas is a biggie as well. Not this year though. i think bc of the shift in our system.
    Sounds like you had a great talk.

    1. Ya, it was nice. We always look forward to our phone check ins. I’m glad you were able to get through xmas ok this year. x

      1. I would not say ok…had horrible pain with a fibro flare..and I personally had a break down the day after..and some weird tiny things leading up to..but nothing like last year at all…but I think is bc of chanel being so isolated and the am at least happy about that..I think it was more difficult on alex preparing for the mental stress of having to deal with what may come up…but yeah..get thru tomorrow nite…and then birthday…and should be ok..sorry..didnt mean to take up your post.. :/

      2. Thats ok! Dont apologise! Sounds rough. Glad you only have a couple more nights to get through. Cheering you on. Xoxo

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