Therapy:A holding space

So in therapy yesterday I was discussing with Eileen how that sometimes we find it so hard to say the words out, to tell her whats going on for us. We want to tell her, but we simply just cannot do it, because of fear, or we are too overwhelmed, or it is just too difficult.
So we were trying to come up with a strategy for how to tell her. And here is what we decided on.
We decided that when one of us is feeling overwhelmed and we are having memories, and cant get our words together, that we’d simply just text her or email her and say “I need a container” and then she’d get that we’re struggling. She said yesterday that we could make a holding space in her office, a sort of container, to hold stuff that we’re finding too overwhelming, and we can hold it there until our next session.
And she offered that she’d hold it with us, so we’re not alone with it.
I think that will work. Its not about stuffing things down, or dissociating our feelings, its simply about holding the memories until we’re in her office and in a safe place to discuss them with her.
Carol anne

4 thoughts on “Therapy:A holding space”

  1. I think that’s a brilliant idea. It’s a way for you to know that you are cared for and supported without pressure xxx

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