17 thoughts on “:-(”

  1. hmm..while it is a sad state that we do have to rely on ourselves..how should I state this…self-reliance is a good thing, however, i do feel that humans are built to need others to love them…but I feel most humans are pieces of shit really. Only out for themselves. Not all, if you find one or two that are not, cherish them.
    Do not blame yourself if you have a failure, that is part of learning.
    My thoughts.

      1. Oh good. Sometimes I can come across blunt, but never mean to be harsh. lol. Not even blunt to people I am trying to be very caring to, especially if I have not been out in a while. It is just getting back into the outside, if that makes sense. Much light to you.

    1. No, she wasnt. Her blue tooth wouldnt work. She called while driving. I had called her twice, like she told me to do. When she called me back she was on her way to college. The stupid blue tooth wouldnt work so we could not talk.

  2. Sucks when life stuff gets in the way. Bluetooths failing. Migraines. Alcohol. Sleep. It is hard but it gets easier when your attachment gets stronger and more secure xx

  3. This seems to be an evolving understanding, learning to rely on ourselves (no pun intended 🙂 ) Friends, therapists, psychiatrists do not and could not know what it’s like to live like this. They might intellectually understand the feelings of letting down someone with DID, but they move through disappointment much faster than we do. We have to make feelings acceptable on so many levels and for so many different fragments. Be good to yourself today.

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