So…I caved?

I caved. I rang Eileen earlier. That’s our therapist for those of you who don’t know. I’d been struggling all weekend trying to decide whether I should call her or not and I hadn’t done it. Well this evening I finally did.

After todays apt with Dr Barry I was feeling a lot of overwhelm and very emotional also. The discussion of the report for the police, and their questions around our diagnosis had left me somewhat overwhelmed. I knew Eileen would give me some good advice if I called. I also knew that if she was able to she’d talk to me then and there.

Unfortunately she couldn’t talk when I called. She didn’t answer, and I left a message. About half an hour later she texted me to say that she was rushing out the door to college “she lectures on a psychotherapy course for trainee therapists”. However she told me to call her tomorrow afternoon after four PM and we could talk then. I realise she’s a busy lady so I wasn’t upset about it or anything. I know we’ll talk tomorrow and that’s good enough for me.

Things I felt when she texted me…

I felt heard

I felt acknowledged

I felt listened to

I felt happy

I felt like someone was there for me

I felt loved

carol anne

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