Feeling needy

I decided I wouldn’t text our therapist and ask her to do a phone check in. I decided to try and keep busy, so I don’t think about things to much. That was a hard decision to make. I really wanted to have a check in, but, its the weekend, she’s probably busy, I don’t want to seem needy, I don’t want to bother her when I can wait until Wednesday to see her. I probably will email her either tonight or tomorrow though. I know she probably wont respond to me, but just the act of emailing her and spilling everything out in an email is therapeutic for us.
I hate that I am so needy sometimes. I hate feeling dependent on people. Its a huge trigger for me. I suppose we’re all needy at times though if we’re completely honest with ourselves. I just… I feel so vulnerable when I’m like that. Like I’m wide open to being hurt or something.
Carol anne

14 thoughts on “Feeling needy”

  1. I feel the same when I feel needy. I think everyone feels needy at times. My therapist says it is not needy, it is having needs, or needing support. I don’t see a big difference, but there is a difference between my statement and hers. I think, for me, I worry that if I am needy, it means I am attached to the person I am wanting, and it means I can be hurt. I’m sorry I don’t have anything wise to say, but you aren’t alone.

  2. Being needy does bring a certain amount of vulnerability and it’s perfectly understandable that you fear being hurt. The fact is, we probably would achieve a little more if only we would reach out to other people for support/help

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