Dr barry apt today

We saw Dr Barry today.

We talked a lot about the past week and about how we are doing. I told her we missed therapy last week. She was very surprised. She mentioned how since she’s known us she didn’t think we had ever missed an appointment with our therapist. I told her how usually we don’t and how it would have to be a pretty bad sickness or an emergency before we’d miss an appointment. We talked about our emotional state last week and the triggers leading up to that.

She mentioned that the police had been in touch. She read the letter that they wrote to her. Apparently the police want to know if we have an intellectual disability, thats laughable actually. Dr Barry said that what they’re really asking is a question around capacity, but that they aren’t phrasing it properly. Because they don’t know anything about dissociation, they thinking what we have is intellectually based disability or something. Dr barry said she was going to write up a report about our diagnosis, and saying that we’re in the mental health service so many years, but that we do not have any form of an intellectual disability. She said she’d read it to us once she had it completed and before she sends it to them.

We talked about how the police hadn’t really gotten my conscent to investigate the assault. They sort of just decided that they were going to do it. A few months ago after the first report we made they did ask what I wanted them to do, and back then I said don’t do anything. But now they haven’t asked, they’ve just taken it upon themselves to do the investigation. The police kind of trigger us so I am hesitant to speak to them again. Its very stressful too. I talked to Dr Barry about it today and she asked me if I am happy to allow them just do their job and see what happens. I said I guessed so.

We also talked a little bit about my family and the upcoming holiday. I told her I was going to go to my mom and dads for xmas and hope that it would all go ok. I told her us and our mom have been getting on better, but I still have a turbulent relationship with our dad at the best of times. He simply drives me crazy. She said its good that I’m getting along with my mom at least.

She asked us to come back next week and hopefully next week we’ll give her the xmas card we have for her. The kids are excited to give her a card.
Carol anne

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