I’ve a favour to ask of my readers?

The british association of counsellors and psychotherapists dont have a category in their find a therapist directory for dissociation. The director of the service said that if enough people email him asking for this category to be added that they’d add it, but only if there is enough interest in it. So I am pleading with all of you to please email
and tell him it would help if a dissociation category was added to the find a therapist directory.
Thanks and heres hoping he follows through on this!
carol anne

5 thoughts on “I’ve a favour to ask of my readers?”

  1. Wow, I am confused, I thought you guys had a therapist? We had the same problem here as well in US as you know. The problem is I am not sure how helpful that would be if the therapist does not know about dissociation. I would not have a problem to email, but I am assuming you mean people that live there. -CC

    1. CC, we do have a therapist. It is just something that I got from a friend on fb. I wanted to get as many people emailing as I can, so they’ll include the category in their directory. I’m not in britain, I’m in ireland, as you know. But I think the more people it reaches and the more that email them and shout that we deserve a category for specialised therapist who ddeal with dissociation the better. Sorry for the confusion. XX

      1. oh yes I agree!! well I get confused about geography..sorry…I knew where you were I was unsure if that was part of it..i am horrible at geography..ok I see..

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