This morning while I was waiting for our taxi to take us to our parents both dr barry and dr scribbin who is dr barrys junior doctor were coming into work, and they both stopped to talk to us. That felt really good. We had a good conversation with dr barry, she asked us what we were gonna do with the rest of our day and I told her we were going volunteering, after we’d eaten our breakfast. Dr scribbin was actually looking for another patient but when she saw us she stopped to talk to us. She will be leaving at the end of the month. She is going to work with the elderly, not sure if she has to do that as part of her psychiatry training, but what I do know is she will be missed. We have a sorta history with dr scribbin. You see the first time we met her we were in a really bad way and she was on call so she was the doctor who assessed us. Well, lets just say our mood was not great, we were mad, and she set us off. Liz gave her a gruelling and run for her money. So we didn’t hit it off to a very good start. But when she came on to dr barrys team six months ago and we got to meet her some more due to us being hospitalised, things got easier and we actually have grown to like and trust her. We’ve seen her a few times when dr barrys been on vacation and she’s actually a really kind, caring, and good doctor. I feel sad that we were so mean to her but well, as I said we were in a bad place at the time. Now she’s leaving and I wish she wasn’t. it was good to have her when dr barry was off, now there will be a new male doctor coming on the team. I don’t really trust male doctors. Dr barry has said I don’t have to see him if I don’t want to. But it would be nice if there was another doctor that I could see, just for back up, you know? The thing I’ll really miss about mary was her gentle nature, and her kindness, and her chattiness. Its nice when doctors take the time to get to know their patients and I mean really get to know them not just a passing hi or how are you. Its nice when they really listen and hear what you are saying. I got to tell mary today how much I would miss her when she leaves. She said that I’d get used to the new doctor but I doubt it to be honest. I’m going to give her a xmas card, and we have one for dr barry also. I hope they will both like their cards from us. Lots of us are gonna sign the cards.

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