its taylor

hi everbody
it me taylor
im a little bit sad tonite
and scared to
I was finkin bout stuf
and it maked me sad
I don lik remeberin bad fings
I wish dat nevir happened
I wanted to call Eileen
but we didn’t
cuz usuly she goes ote on friday evenins
I wached the toy show on tv
dat was gud
I saw lots of toys
I jus need to say
my hart is hurting tonite
it feelin lik it is broken
taylor six

10 thoughts on “its taylor”

  1. Hello, Taylor. It’s Jessie. Do you remember me?

    I’m sorry that you are sad tonight, that you are remembering things that you would rather not. Would you like to talk about what you are remembering?
    I’m here if you wanna talk.

      1. Hey Taylor. *(HUGS)* if you want them, and can accept them.

        I know that you don’t like talking about the memories, about what scares you. I don’t like talking about some of those things as well. But you know what? Sometimes, even though I don’t necessarily don’t like to or want to talk about such things, sometimes it does help to talk to someone about it.

        I offered to be a big sister to Alicia, and now I’m offering that same thing to you: would you like to be sisters? I can be a big sister to you, if you’d like. You’d have me, Sammy, and Alicia as your family, if you’d like to.

        And if you need to talk about what’s going on, but don’t want to talk about it with anyone inside, you can talk here, or in email, if you’d want/need to, okay?

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