What I am reading right now

So I am reading a new book. Its called switching time. I cant spell the authors name, but if you search amazon it will come up. Its about a woman with did. So far its quite good. Although I’ve only read the prologue and the first two chapters. I’m reading it in audio and its 12 hours long! Thats long as audio books go. But anyway it hasnt really gotten in to where the personalities emerge yet. So far its just focusing on when Karen the woman in question, went into treatment for depression and the chapter I’m about to start is called lost time so I think they will start talking about her others soon. I’ll do a review once I am done reading it. Stay tuned!
Carol anne

2 thoughts on “What I am reading right now”

  1. im trying to find a truly free online website, where you can view online or download and read with pdf. pretty sure ill find one, just have to do a bit of hunting!

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