walking group

so yesterday I went out to meet the walking group I decided to join. this is a group of visually impaired people, and we are paired up with sighted guides. so we went for a walk that lasted an hour. then afterwords we went back to a lovely restaurant for dinner. it was so lovely. I really enjoyed the walk and so did nitro. nitro actually had two walks yesterday as our dad took him out for 40 mins yesterday morning also. so when I got back to our parents he slept like a log because he was sooo exhausted. the fresh air did me the world of good I think. and my sighted guide she was lovely. we chatted a lot during the walk about all sorts of things. about books and tv and xmas and our families and all sorts of random stuff. the walking group only meets once a month, I wish we could meet more but i’ll take what I can get. I had a lovely meat feast pizza for dinner. it was huge. I didn’t finish it. I am looking forward to next months walk already :d.
carol anne

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