writing my memoir

I’ve been thinking lately…yes, i know, thats dangerous. But heres the thing. Some of my friends have been encouraging me to write a book. Tell my story. I’m not sure. Part of me wants to. But part of me is scared too. Would anyone read it? Would it be remotely interesting? Its not all sunshine and roses. Butterflies and rainbows. There are horrors in there that no child ould have to witness. Then there is the fact that i don’t think i’m a very good writer. Would i be able to gather my thoughts and coherently put them down on paper? I know you can self publish now on kindle. And, i’m seriously thinking about it. Because of having did it would probably not be an easy task to write a book. I’d have to include the insiders and their points of view, and thats ok, i’d want to do that. Not really sure still what to do, but really leaning towards trying it out. Has anyone got any tips? Experience of writing a book? Advice?

Carol anne

23 thoughts on “writing my memoir”

  1. i think you should work on doing it. 1. it would be therapeutic for you to go thru the whole thing and get it out in writing. 2. people would read it, because it is a true story, because it is vivid an keeps the reader interested. 3. because of the same reason you and others enjoy reading books by Cathy Glass. just because they are sad, it doesn’t mean people don’t want to read it. it doesn’t have to be all butterflies and roses. 4. you will get the topic out there, in the mainstream. people will hear about it from you and it will be part of the cultural dialogue. people will be educated about it , just as people are educated about child abuse and rape by Cathy Glass.

    you would be helping the mainstream learn about the topic, helping people who read it know what it is really like, what is really happening. you will be helping yourself grow and move forward.

    go for it! you don’t have to do it all in one day tho, you can take as much time as it takes to get it all out right…so work on it as you can. Good Luck!

  2. hi, we ourselves journal to the extent it could be an book. we ourselves are scared ( not all, some can actually deal with it ) to find it and what can appear on paper. for us it double edged. we do less journalling lately ( or so i believe, lol ) sorry we cant give really an answer. just speaking from ?our? experience xxx

  3. I love reading your blog, so I imagine that you would write a brilliant book. I think you should definitely look into doing it.

  4. Good luck if you do. In the States you can hire professional editors to give you constructive feedback concerning grammar, content, flow, whatever. I hired one for the book I self published and I definitely think it helped the final product be a lot more professional looking. Maybe they have something similar where you are, of course, with the internet, borders have become meaningless…

  5. Hello there. I think that it would be a good idea if you wrote this.
    Just to get everyone in your system a chance to give their input is to allow the others, and yourself, to write out what they want/want to say. From there, you could get some ideas of which way you want to go with actually writing the book.

    I do think that you would be a wonderful writer, Carol Anne. And I know that I would love to read your book, your drafts, and help in any way that I can.

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