Saw an alternate doctor today, Dr Barrys off for a week

So because Dr Barry is on holidays, I saw Dr S, her junior doctor. Dr S and us had a rocky start. She’s been in the mental health services for a year now, she wasnt under Dr Barry when I saw her last year for an assessment. Actually the reason we had such a rough start was due to Ro, who is usually a very angry insider. Ro felt that Dr S was dismissing her during that initial assessment, and she got very annoyed with her. But we’re over it now. We actually like Dr S now. Today we discussed a lot. We felt she really heard us, and she really listened. She was interested, and wanted to know about our life, and what was going on for us. It was easy to open up to her. She was really interested when we told her about doing EMDR in therapy, as she said she’s only ever read about it, and she didnt know much about how it was done. We also discussed the ongoing police investigation, and our anxiety levels around this time of year and the anniversaries of abuse and stuff. We also discussed some about our family, and she was really understanding about that, too. I told her what our aunt had said recently and she said how rude that was and how when someone is in another persons home they shouldnt be so insulting. We also discussed some issues around attachment both to our therapist, and to dr Barry. I said how I hate that Dr barry is exposed to the things that happened to us, because she lives in a totally different world to that, and I dont like that she has to be exposed to the horrific things that went on in our life. Dr S said the day a psychiatrist stops caring about the patients they see, is a bad day. And she also said she realised we have a very strong bond built up with dr Barry since we see her weekly. It was a good appointment and I am glad I put my anxiety about seeing Dr S behind me and just went for it, and saw her. It was worth it.
Carol anne

5 thoughts on “Saw an alternate doctor today, Dr Barrys off for a week”

  1. Wow, what an amazing session! And very brave to talk about all of that with someone so new….super glad you guys have such a positive support system. Totally understood all of what you talked about….very happy for you..xx -CC

    1. Thanks CC. We’re very lucky. We didnt always have such a good psych doctor. The one we have now Dr Barry is super and awesome and we have a very strong bond with her. She totally is cool with the did too and talks to whoever wants to talk to her. Even the kids. She’s not at all freaked out by littles or any of us even the more angry insiders. XX

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