Feeling sad

Found out just now…our granddad, moms dad has cancer again. He survived it before. It was in his stomach last time and they removed his stomach. Now its in his lungs. He’s 80 years old. They’re talking about doing surgery but I am not sure he can handle more surgery. I’m not even sure he will consent to it. I think he wont because he hates being in the hospital. The tumour they found is small right now. But tumours grow rapidly if not treated. They were also talking about kemo, but they were leaning more towards the surgery route, due to his age. Its a sad day. I hope he wont die before xmas. That would be devastating for the whole family if anything happened to him before then.
Carol anne

6 thoughts on “Feeling sad”

  1. I hope that he will take the recommendation of his doctor as far as what treatment to take. He has lived a good long life if he is 80, sometimes it’s just time to let things run their course. However if his doctor thinks surgery will prolong his life then I think he should listen to his doctor. Rose

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