Getting angry with our therapist

Its really odd, our therapist is ok with anger. We arent used to it as at home we’re not really allowed to express anger in a healthy way. But our therapist Eileen encourages it. Last session she said that because us and her are in a relationship, it is only natural that we’ll probably rub each other up the wrong way from time to time. And believe me that is true. Last week we were mad at her because she said one thing, then she forgot what she’d said so she never got back to us when she said she would. Its really confusing because while we were very mad, part of us was like, well, its the weekend, why do we have any right to be mad, she has a life, a family, and we are not part of her outside life or family. But when we talked it out in session last Monday, she said she probably should have been more clear about what she intended to do. She didnt go off on us because we were mad. No. Instead she said “I’m glad you were able to say it to me”. That makes no sense but to be honest I’m glad we’re able to say it to her too. It feels good to have such an open relationship with our therapist.
Carol anne

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