Dietician apt today!

We just got home from seeing the dietician. She’s a community dietician that our gp referred us too for our diabetes. She knows of our ed, and today she said she thinks it would be much better for us if we saw the nutritionist on dr barrys mental health team, rather than her because community dieticians aren’t qualified to treat people who have eating disorders. I didn’t know you needed a special qualification to do that, but apparently you need some other qualification in nutrition or something. Anyway, she’s going to ring dr barry today, and tell her that she has recommended that I be referred back to their team. We didn’t do much today other than she weighed us, and we’ve lost 10 pounds since our last visit. She said there was no point in talking about healthy eating, if I we weren’t in the head space to hear it. I was honest with her, I told her we’d been very eratic with our eating lately, and how we’ve been binging some and purging also. I told her I’ve been obsessing about weight, and how I have been weighing myself constantly. She told me to try to stick to once a week, because I will only drive myself crazy otherwise. It was a good session, all in all. She said she should be able to get through to Dr Barry before the end of the week. If not I can mention it to her myself next Monday.

Carol anne

2 thoughts on “Dietician apt today!”

    1. No not really. Initially we were referred for our diabetes. Its just the ed came up inconversation and she feeels like she isnt capable of treating it…not qualified enough I mean. XX

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