Trigger warning poetry about SRA ahead

The night is so shrill
It whistles so still
Alone a girl creeps
As everyone else sleeps

She is trying not to make any sound
But she falls to the ground
Triggered, and panicked
As the flashes of memory hit

It is not now, but back then
Not 2014
Not the present day at all

As she falls apart
She listens to the beating of her heart
It is beating so fast
Then she hears the sound of glass

Is it real? Or is it a dream
It is hard to scream
She feels the blood drip
Is it hers, or whose
Its hard to get a grip

So many years ago
Evil men and women stole
Her innocence, her childhood
Everything that was good

All in the name of satan

This poem was written last night. Last night was the spring equinox, a big cult holiday. We were extremely triggered for the majority of last night. We were staying with our parents, so it was hard because we had no where to hide, except in this room, which we did. Today is a new day though. The sun is shining, we’re hopeful of a good nights sleep tonight. The night is over now…a new day has dawned and is half over. We’re safe, its 2014. Keep swimming, right? Keep breatheing, right?

Carol anne

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